Joseph, a Mississippi native, created True Plans to form a collaborative community of like-minded designers in an effort to multiply each of their efforts in the industry. He has been designing homes since 2004. He recently moved to Texas to finish the education required to obtain his AIA. He has a background in both Residential and Commercial building design. Joseph has won multiple Best of Mississippi and Parade of Homes awards between 2006-2010. He is constantly growing his knowledge of industry practices and has a firm understanding of design. He is an asset to any competitive builder whose looking to add an award winning home to his construction portfolio.

Joseph C. Cockroft, AIAS, CSI-S

Design innovations, LLC

Building Designer/Co-Owner

Building Designer/Co-Owner

Nicholas, owner of Precision Plans LLC located in Bentonia MS, began his career as a Residential Designer in 2001. Before launching Precision Plans in 2014, he was employed at a well-known firm in Ridgeland MS, where he worked with Joseph. In 2010, he was promoted to manager and lead designer of this firm. After three years of management, he successfully established Precision Plans LLC. He continues to work closely with other design firms located in Memphis TN, Madison MS and Hattiesburg MS. He also works with a broad network of home builders throughout central MS. Nicholas is very detail oriented, designing homes to meet the needs of each client. Excellent customer service is the primary goal of Precision Plans LLC.

J. Nicholas Logan, NHBA

Precision Plans, LLC